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Re-Engineering Traditional Remedial Processes to Treat Soils and Groundwater Cost-Efficiently 
 Presented by Mohamed Odah, PhD, P.E.

The Challenge: Some remedial technologies have demonstrated mixed results at reducing contamination in soil and groundwater in-situ due to geological, hydrogeological and contaminant physicochemical properties.  Many sites impacted with a wide range of contaminants are in need of comprehensive treatment measures that can simultaneously treat constituents including petroleum and chlorinated compounds along with recalcitrant constituents such as MTBE and 1,4 dioxane.

ART Solution: The ART Technologies combine in situ air stripping, air sparging, soil vapor extraction, enhanced bioremediation/oxidation and subsurface circulation in an innovative wellhead system.  The multiple remediation concepts combined within the ART Technologies are well suited for volatizing organic compounds as well as recalcitrant compounds because the synergistic systems are physically and chemically attacking contaminants on a number of fronts.  The multiple, in-well stripping passes results in a high air-to-water contact ratio within the well (via stripping and sparging) which is integral to the physical removal of contamination.  Concurrently, the subsurface circulation process actively mobilizes residual contamination from the soil matrix and to the well for further treatment by multiple pore volume exchanges.  The circulation and extraction processes also actively and continuously provide significant dissolved oxygen boost throughout the radius of influence, enhancing bioremediation of the hydrocarbon compounds.  Several case studies including site specific data will be presented to exhibit the ART Technologies efficacy in reducing petroleum and chlorinated contaminants concentrations in a short time while providing overall project cost reductions.

 In 1996, Accelerated Remediation Technologies, Inc. (ART) was formed to provide clients the highest level of remediation expertise.  ART focuses on researching and developing the most effective, practical, and cost efficient remedial measures.  The ART Integrated Technologies were developed to provide a very flexible and aggressive in-situ soil and groundwater remedial methods based on circulating well design and combines numerous proven processes to simultaneously treat contamination.  ART is located in Overland Park, KS (Kansas City), with project and service offices in Minneapolis, Atlanta, Chicago and Portland.  Our integrated remediation technologies have been implemented at more than 2,500 installations throughout the United States and the world.  ART continues to expand globally with offices or representation in China, south America and Europe.  ART engineers and scientists hold high degrees and have extensive experience in remedial measures design, implementation and optimization.  ART core business is centered around design, installation and operation of the ART remedial systems. We have partnered with the largest international firms and government agencies, as well as very small organizations, providing expertise that complements our clients in-house expertise.  Our final objectives are always to complete projects successfully and attain our clients goals and satisfaction.

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