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Zero Valent Iron (ZVI) Applications: Nano, Powder or Aggregate? Which is better? Which should you avoid? 
Presented by Lowell Kessel, CERES Corporation
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Mr. Kessel is President of Ceres Corporation, a chemical supplier of remediation products and subsidiary of Envirologek Inc., a global distributor of environmental technologies. Mr. Kessel is a specialist in the development of cross-border applications of environmental investigation and remediation technologies with work experience at multinational environmental engineering consulting firms and many environmental technology developers since 1998. Mr. Kessel has supported many projects as a technical lead in characterization and or remediation design overseen by state and federal agencies in the United States, Australia, China, Brazil, and other countries in South and Central America. Mr. Kessel is a registered professional Geologist in the U.S. and holds a Bachelors and Masters in Geological Sciences and a Master of Business Administration, each from the University of California. 
Presentation Summary:
This introductory presentation will review the fundamentals of Zero Valent Iron (ZVI) types available in the market and the applications they would be used. Both field strategies and engineering approaches from many case studies will be discussed.
Applications Review:
  • Permeable reactive barriers (PRBs) (e.g. Funnel and Gate)
  • Direct Push  Injection of micron scale particles into groundwater zone
  • Trenching and aggregate scale particles PRB design
  • Deep Soil Mixing
  • ​Hydraulic fracturing
Zero Valent Iron (ZVI):
ZVI is a proven remediation technology since 1970's and applicable in soil piles and in-situ applications for groundwater treatment by injection or permeable reactive barriers. ZVI has been an economical solution compared to other available products on its own and is a commonly added material to many proprietary blends of products available globally in the remediation products market. 
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